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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Right Shoes for Diabetes

Since walking has so much to do with diabetes management, buying the right pair of shoes, matters more than for others with normal glucose metabolism.

Buying shoes of the right size and width are important for everyone, but fashion aspects such as color and style have to take back seats if you have diabetes.

Here are some tips for buying shoes which suit diabetes management:

1. Orthotics: choose a pair with removable braces and multiple soles. This will help you achieve a custom fit to care of parts of your feet which hurt, and will also help you adjust the fit when your feet swell after walking for long periods in warm weather.

2. Overpronator: prefer shoes made from materials and with linings to absorb shocks, and which give your feet as much support as possible. Many people with diabetes may have flat feet or defective arches, and need shoes designed to provide protection against such limitations.

3. Generous toe space: shoes with high and wide tips will prevent chafing of the toes, and suit people with diabetes best.

4. Adjustable closures: hook-and-loop systems in which you can easily adjust a fit, help in diabetes, since as mentioned earlier in this post, feet can swell on walking for a long time in warm weather.

5. Extra protection: you may have to buy shoes slightly larger than a normal size, because a design with plenty of padding will prevent blisters and other minor injuries which are common in diabetes.

Buying shoes deserves special care if you have diabetes. Look for a retailer with a wide selection, specialist knowledge to help you choose, a convenient supply of seamless socks, and a liberal return policy, just in case the feel after a long walk is not quite the same as in the shop!


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