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Friday, January 19, 2007

Diabetes Association Benefits

You are not on your own-that is the main benefit of being active in a local diabetes association. Stories of how others like you have fought the disease and lead productive lives will give you confidence, and spur you to do more about following your prescriptions more carefully. There are many complications of diabetes which are difficult to visualize when you read about them, or when your doctor speaks about them, but you come face-to-face with reality when you meet a person with a limb, sight, or other disability which has arisen because of negligence of diabetes.

It is not just about you. Others can benefit from your experiences with diabetes. You will feel a new sense of fulfillment as you help people who are new to diabetes adjust to the disease. Explaining the nature of the disease, forming groups with others with who you can exercise, and sharing ideas for food exchanges, are other inspiring benefits of joining a diabetes association.

Let me know if you would like a link to a diabetes association which you can join on the web. Your physician will also know about a diabetes association in your neighborhood. Finally, you can always form a new diabetes association with other patients in your locality.

Join or form a diabetes association and start reaping and sharing the benefits!


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