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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to Make Halloween Fun for Children with Diabetes

It is not just Halloween.

There are birthdays and other occasions on which you wonder if a child with diabetes could not have a small treat. Regulators have approved the use of sucralose, a substitute for sugar. It can be used in cooking, so perhaps a parent could ask a doctor for a diet and insulin adjustment on special occasions.

Carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels, and even a candy or a dessert made with sucralose would have calories. Therefore a treat without a doctor’s prior approval could harm a child. Certainly, no one with diabetes can ever gorge on sweets even if they are made from sucralose. Some doctors may not approve of the use of sucralose, though it has been cleared by the authorities.

So perhaps you will have to settle for a toy or something else to make a child’s day on a special occasion, but there is no harm in asking the doctor if a small portion of something made from sucralose could be built in to diet for a day.


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