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Friday, November 10, 2006

Diabetes Management without Health Insurance

The specter of diabetes without funds for tests and treatment is horrible indeed. The situation goes from bad to worse, as eyesight, limbs, kidneys, and the heart get involved.

Medicare and similar systems are not available for all, especially for ethnic minorities whose citizenship status is not clear. Most of these people are not health literate, and may not even know that they have diabetes, or be able to afford comprehensive diagnostics

Here are steps that poor people with diabetes can take. They are not perfect or even adequate. They merely constitute a compromise of last resort.

1. Eliminate saturated fats and sugar from diet altogether.

2. Eat small portions of roasted cereals and boiled beans and vegetables

3. Add a multi-vitamin tablet or globules of Biochemic Tissue Salts No 28 to daily diet to make up for possible mineral deficiencies (poor people may not be able to afford large portions of fresh fruits).

4. Walk briskly for at least 45 minutes at least thrice a week if found to do so after a free heart and kidney check up camp.

5. Learn to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia, and keep glucose biscuits handy for emergencies.

These steps are useless for children with type 1 diabetes. It is essential to provide them with insulin and a nutritious diet.

Type 2 diabetes prevention is a key for economically vulnerable adults.

My wife has developed an affordable nutrition powder based on roasted and sprouted grains. A tablespoon in water is a substitute for a meal, and can make a partial contribution to managing diabetes for the poor. Leave a post here or write to me for a recipe.


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